I love hiring doulas who have gone through Penny's program because I know they have the knowledge and background to become amazing doulas.

Penny is a very knowledgeable trainer and her program prepares you for the expanse of things that are helpful to understand to be a successful doula. You don't just learn about birth and how to support families but you also learn how to care for yourself, how to market your business and explore your own feelings about birth and your role in the process.

I believe Penny's program is very well rounded and I have seen firsthand how well it prepares people for this career. I have hired three doulas who have gone through this program and they are excellent doulas.
Kristen P
Extremely thorough workshop! Penny did an amazing job and I felt very confident leaving this workshop. Many of the fears and questions I had prior to attending have been addressed and answered. I am so happy to have had Penny serve as my trainer!
Shellonda A, workshop participant
This was more than just studying, you have given me life skills for birth and other situations
Felicia R., workshop participant
Penny was awesome. This was not some boring lecture. It was a hands-on skills class!
Cheryl F., workshop participant
This workshop was one of the most satisfying, energizing and educational experiences in my life! I was looking forward to it, but it far and away exceeded all expectations. Penny is obviously a great doula, but (and I say this as someone with a background in education), she is also an amazing teacher! Thank you!
Anne S, workshop participant
I cannot tell you how much this class has helped raise my self confidence. I feel so ready to continue on this journey of becoming a birth doula.
Mary W, workshop participant
Penny, you are an excellent role model. I have been so moved by what it means to be a doula and am looking forward to the journey ahead. I can’t wait to apply my skills to real life, and especially to see a birth! I feel like people confront situations on a regular basis that require a calm, prepared, thoughtful, caring, empathetic, and tactful personality. The doula in birth must be all of these things. Knowing how to listen to a childbearing mom is also knowing how to listen to your friends and all people you interact with.
Toni M., workshop participant
Thank you for your beautiful and loving method of teaching. I feel that you have shown and expressed what the heart of a doula really is. You have the ability of drawing your students in. This has been a fantastic learning experience for me, thank you for this journey in my life
Dorothy T., workshop participant
The workshop exceeded my expectations. Penny is a wonderful instructor as well as a very caring person. The material was very well presented and engaging and Penny made it easy to understand. I look forward to pursuing my doula certification and know that I can count on Penny for guidance.
Claudia C., workshop participant
Penny is an incredible role model. What a privilege it has been to be part of this class! My wish is for everyone to experience Penny’s expertise and warmth
Casey G., workshop participant
Penny makes the role of the doula very clear.
Kristy T., workshop participant
Penny was amazing, so compassionate and caring. I would recommend Penny to anyone and everyone.
Bobbie O., workshop participant

TENS Workshop

Taking the TENS training and buying the units truly is the best investment we've made in our doula business. All of the stats that we received in the workshop have played out with our clients. We have more clients who are not getting epidurals, and those who get epidurals are getting them much later in their labor. Two thumbs up from Your Best Birth!
Dorothy H. from “Your Best Birth"

Birth Doula

Having Penny with me for the labor and delivery of my first baby was so important. It allowed me to be much less worried as I felt secure with her emotional support and knowledgeable counsel. The whole process would have been so confusing and alien, but it felt much more homey having her presence to support me and my husband through this momentous change in our lives. I credit Penny also with helping me avoid what would have been an unnecessary C-section, as my waters broke but there was no real progress in my labor until more than 24 hours later; the doctors assumed they would do a C-section, but I was clear that I would rather avoid it, and with Penny’s support, we made it through 36 hours of labor to the delivery of a healthy boy.
Julia, doula client
We feel so lucky to have had Penny as our doula in the birth of our son. While we planned to have a hospital birth and use an epidural, we also wanted to labor at home as much as possible and minimize unnecessary interventions. Penny was with us every step of the way, as a solid support as as a trusted and non-judgmental source of advice. We are so glad she was there with us. I also used Penny’s pre-natal massage services on an almost weekly basis during my third trimester. It was a treat to be able to physically relax from the discomforts of pregnancy and talk to a pregnancy expert about the things I was going through.
Jessica, doula client
New online (prerecorded) courses!

New online (prerecorded) courses!